Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 7- 8 - Year 8 Again!

Last week's two sessions worked well enough. We presented the complete iMovies in our interactive whiteboard room in the library. They were, to be honest, the best.

But other students completed their work and presented just to me. In the afternoon, we were in the classroom. My reluctant speaker went into an empty classroom to record her voice and the music. It was satisfactory, if not inspiring, and I told her she had passed the assignment and saved it into Public Share, then into my own files, because I've known nasty kids to delete others' work, not to mention mine. It was easier when we had to ask for students to be allowed to save to Public Share!

There were still two students to finish, who were absent on Monday, so on Thursday we went to the library's computer room, where those who had finished all their work went to the web site, which gives ten grains of rice to charity for every vocabulary question you get right. One of them, bless him, tried to do some calculations as to just how much his 2000-odd grains would add up to in a bowl.

Of the last two students, the girl finished her work in one of the library offices. She declined to use music, probably wise of her as her voice would have been drowned out, like her classmate's.

The boy must be truly reluctant, because he made every excuse he could think of to procrastinate.

Today, he will have to finish it! I'll send him somewhere quiet, no further excuses!


Julia Thorley said...

It's incredible how technology has changed the process of teaching and learning.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Yes, and I love it! When I was at school, there was no such thing as a personal computer, let alone all these gadgets, and when I wanted to do research I went to the wonderful State Library(still do - not everything is on line!).

Sharon Himsl said...

You are a kind librarian :) Kids would do well to seek you out. Libraries are so different today, but we still need the help of a 'trusty' librarian.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, Sharon! I like to think so. But this is me wearing my classroom teacher hat. :-)