Friday, February 29, 2008

Another family photo

Here's my grandmother, Zelda Altbaum, after whom I was named. She was the mother of my own Mum, Mila Bursztynski. Mum doesn't know when this photo was taken, though she says it was certainly before Zelda was married. I'm guessing it was about 1920, judging by the style of her coat and hat. She was, like most of my family, a victim of Herr Hitler, so I never met her. Mum says she was the firm parent you have to have while Grandad Altbaum was the one who undermined any punishment by taking her out for afternoon tea. :-) She also says that her mother got her into reading by asking her to read aloud from such books as War and Peace (Mum was in prinary school at the time.)

I would have liked to know her. This is the only picture we have of Zelda.