Monday, June 08, 2015

Farewell Creative Writers!

So, last week I said goodbye to my Creative Writing class for this semester. They were all Year 10 and though we were supposed to have one more class this week, an exam was slotted in for this afternoon. No more.

Everyone finished something. There was still some editing to do for most of them. Derby managed to finish a second story, though she was in New Zealand for a week. In between preparing for her role as bridesmaid at her family wedding, she was writing a story about a girl who wants revenge for her brother's death and then realises he wouldn't want that. We sat down and edited it and then it was ready to go up on her blog.

James had actually finished a short piece at home. It needed light editing, but was otherwise okay. Certainly better than the long thing he was working on for most of the semester and that overwhelmed him. Next semester I will not let my students write stories more than a few hundred words long and I will be making them plan out their stories. I may be a pantser, but for the purposes of this class, they will have to be planners.

Miller was given his editing, but spent the period writing yet more of his story! And not editing it.

Aravinthan copied and pasted his autobiography into his blog page as one piece of writing. Not exciting, but finished. He missed a lot of classes.

Ricky and I sat down and edited his silly but fun little story about the adventures of Puffy the Puffer

Inaam was working hard on her horror story. She hadn't finished the editing at the end of the class, but is reliable enough to finish it in her own time. She has been a pleasant surprise, working slow but steady this year.

What will next term be like? I will miss them.


Sharon Marie Himsl said...

This takes me back to those early courses I took in college. One class assignment was to write a novel. Wrote seven chapters and was so proud :)

Sue Bursztynski said...

Did you ever finish it? Would you consider going back to it? :-) Glad this post brings back nice memories for you! I never took writing lessons, myself. I learned it all by trial and error.

Cherie Reich said...

I think shorter works would be better for a class. I hope next semester goes well!

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, Cherie! Hopefully the new group will work well. It has been trial and error so far.