Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Year's End

The year is nearly over. The last of the students turned up today, despite warnings that they would be required to clean up and would go home at the normal time,

Well, they went home at the normal time. The only students who did cleaning were some who wanted to. I think they enjoyed yesterday's cleaning day,when they got to do it to music of their choice. They washed the stairs down till the principal asked them not to, because people might slip on the wet floor.

The rest played chess, went on line or watched a movie in the Interactive Whiteboard room.

And I got to say goodbye to Khepi, a lovely young man who is having to return to Port Moresby because his Mum has completed her studies and has a job back home. I gave him a laminated photo of him with his Pathways fundraising team. He really enjoyed that task and said he'd miss his teammates.

His group cooked and sold pancakes, working from the Foods Room with another team who were making milk shakes. Both groups did nicely and pooled their profits to make them seem more impressive. ;-)

Afterwards, Khepi wrote a thank you note on the whiteboard, thanking the Foods teacher for allowing them to use her kitchen.

This year, the Year 8 students made $503.65 for Save The Children. My colleague Jasna and I told them we were proud of them and made certificates for them to put in a folder with future resumes or in a frame. And we gave them a party to celebrate the project's end.

They handed in their self assessments and generally admitted they had enjoyed it -"It was fun!"

Next year we will have to work out a way to do it in half the time. A challenge we are just going to have to meet!

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