Saturday, February 11, 2012

NYR - First Activity!

I'm back at school, with a new class and the same library. If there had been time to set up, even time for a library meeting with other campuses, perhaps we'd be doing our own launch this Tuesday. However, I have plans anyway. I've arranged to take some book clubbers to the launch at our local library, where the GoH will be John Marsden. Truth is, I I only found out about it because Selena, one of my older members, mentioned it. She got the date wrong, fortunately - she thought it was last Thursday, but the web site said Tuesday, which seems to be the general launch day all over the country. So we had time to organise. I will be taking six to eight students after school, the younger ones, as the older ones will all be doing VCE subjects that day, but they can make their own way. Dylan said it was Valentine's Day, Miss, and he wanted to go out with his girlfriend. "Take her along," I suggested."She loves books." I whipped up a letter to parents. When I handed it out to students in my own class, Rhiannon, who isn't in book club, said,"Wait. Is this the author of Tomorrow When The War Began?" and when I said yes, she held out her hand for a letter. :-) I must see if I can recruit her for the club. I really need some younger ones, because the founding members are all in Year 10 and doing at least one VCE subject(Selena is doing two). I will miss them when they go. Meanwhile, it's nice to be doing my first activity for the Year of Reading. Simple and free, something even I, with my $3000 budget, can do.

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