Thursday, March 24, 2005

Swancon Day 1

Well, here I am at Swancon 2005. When they invited me to be on a panl with Charles De Lint, I had to come. of course. After all these years of staying at YHAs, it's kind of nice to be staying in a room that's all mine (though I have offered a bed to Sally Beasley for a couple of nights, because it seemed weird to be all on my own in such a big room). Arrived from Mebourne last night. They sent about twenty minutes looking for a passenger who hadn't turned up, then another ten waiting for a space to leave. Stilll , it got in only about fifteen minutes late and though I had to wait while the shuttle bus driver waited for the next planeload (I ended up being his only passenger) I got here at least in time to hear Charles De Lint and his Missus doing their last song. Pty - I was looking forward to it. The room is nice and big - it has a sfa, a desk and a corenr where you can make meals, even a microwave. There is a shop downstairs with basic stuff you can take upstairs if you want to have breakfast or a snack in your room - microwaveable pies, etc. Very fan-friendly. Fans are going to do this anyway, so the hotel might as well profit. I sang in the shower this morning and was delighted fto find the acoustics were great, it made me sound good. There was a buffet breakfast downstairs and I ate all sorts of stuff I'd NEVER at at home, where breakfast is a fruit salad or herbal tea and toast. everybody was very friendly last night, but I had an earlish night, beause after only 3/12 hours sleep and a long flight and a change of time zones, I was zonked out. Today I will be attending several panels and hopefully running into a few people I know or making friends with others I don't know yet and hopefully going out to lunch with them. I'm writing this frm one of those awful Internet kiosks that overcharge and are hard to use - a sort of red ball for a "mouse" - hany, though. I will write some more each day and then use this as the basis for a con report.

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